How important is the sanitary ware toilet cover?


Sanitary ware smart toilet is a product that has appear […]

Sanitary ware smart toilet is a product that has appeared in recent years. Although it has appeared for a short time, it has been appreciated and loved by many people because of its powerful functions, high comfort and many other advantages, and it has already become every decoration Everyone generally has their own experience when buying standard products. The price and appearance can be said to be the main factors that people decide, and the toilet cover used also plays an important role.

The main materials of the toilet cover are probably: wood, plastic, bamboo, acrylic, urea-formaldehyde cover, etc. There are more or more used acrylic covers on the market that are moisture-resistant, acid-resistant, colorful, long service life, easy to maintain, and simple to clean. In terms of cleaning, you can use soap or a soft cloth to scrub it can be very clean; use There are more urea-formaldehyde covers with good texture, high hardness, not easy to scratch, sturdy and durable, and not too laborious to clean, but the price is higher than that of acrylic; the use of more common cover materials is not enough Cheaper plastics, that is, what we usually call PVC boards or PP boards, is currently a relatively cheap material; wood and bamboo are also used a lot, but compared with the above three, they are in terms of weight. Relatively heavier, and slightly worse in terms of service life.

The main function of the sanitary ware toilet cover is to protect the toilet seat and its resistance to bacteria, and it will look more harmonious and beautiful throughout. This is very important, so everyone will use it.

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