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Ningbo Bofan Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is one of the leading

China Toilet Seats Manufacturers and Toilet seats factory

. Bofan is devoted to the target of building a hundred-year brand of enterprise. For the last two decades, tens of millions of top-notch toilet seats has been exported all over the world by Bofan.

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Innovation Determins Subsistance Detail Determins Quality

Nov 28,2020

What is the interaction between the toilet cover and the hinge?

The hinge for the toilet cover is a connecting shaft and a hinge base. The connecting shaft is made ...

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Nov 24,2020

Comparison of different materials of toilet seat

The toilet cover is also a very important part of the toilet. Its main function is to protect the to...

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Nov 14,2020

What is the difference between a pointed and round toilet lid?

There is no difference between the function of the pointed dao and the round head of the toilet lid,...

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Nov 06,2020

What is the difference between urea-formaldehyde toilet cover and acrylic cover?

The material of the toilet cover is basically divided into plastic material, wood, bamboo, urea-form...

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