What are the replacement requirements for common toilet accessories?


After the toilet has been used for a long time, it is i […]

After the toilet has been used for a long time, it is inevitable that it will malfunction. If the toilet is replaced directly because of the abnormality, the cost will be very expensive. Next, we will introduce some common fault types of toilet accessories:

1. Water inlet valve and drain valve:
First remove the cover of the water tank, drain the water in the water tank, and find the position of the valve body, then find the screw fixing the water inlet valve or the drain valve, and remove the screw to remove the water inlet valve or drain valve. When replacing, install the new water inlet valve or drain valve directly in the original position.

2. Button:
First, check the damage of the button. If the button is severely broken, you need to purchase a new button to replace it according to the location of the button. If only the chain in the button is broken, just buy a new chain and replace it in the original position. When replacing, you only need to unscrew the national screws and nuts, and tighten them after installation.

3. Floating ball:
The floating ball is similar to the above method, just remove the hook that hooks the floating ball, and then hook the new floating ball.

When replacing the toilet fittings, pay attention to measuring the specifications in advance. The size and length of the toilet fittings are related to the specific model. Measuring the size in advance can avoid the hassle of return and exchange.

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