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The replacement of the toilet cover is actually a very […]

The replacement of the toilet cover is actually a very simple thing. The important thing is to match the same toilet cover. At this time, you need to accurately measure the size of the original toilet cover. You must pay attention to the details to avoid future errors!
The replacement method of the toilet cover is as follows:
1. Before changing the toilet cover, measure the size first, find the distance between the screw holes and the width and length of the toilet cover, and then buy a new toilet cover to replace it! When changing the toilet cover, you only need to remove the fixing bolts on the back of the toilet and install it. Operate in the opposite direction. Most toilet covers are not divided into sizes. Just adjust the two bolts after installation;
2. Different styles of toilet cover installation are not the same. Some toilet covers are connected to the bottom of the toilet with screws at the back. Locate the screws on both sides and unscrew the entire cover; the position of the screw cap is not the same. It's easy to find, some are in the bright place, some are in the dark. The screw cap in the dark place is on the side of the toilet near the water tank. You should be able to see it when you open the lid. Find the screw cap and remove it with a hand to replace it with a new one.
Manufacturer’s reminder: The length of the cover of the toilet cover is better than 50cm (53cm is ideal), the width of the toilet cover is basically between 34cm and 39cm, and the size between the two installation holes of the toilet cover is about 14~19cm. Ideally, the lower part of the spray rod of the smart toilet cover has a raised part, so the length of the inner diameter of the toilet is as large as possible.
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