How to remove toilet scale?


1. Sprinkle a circle of toilet cleaner along the edge o […]

1. Sprinkle a circle of toilet cleaner along the edge of the toilet, close the toilet lid, wash with the toilet after about 10 minutes, and then flush again.
2. If it is more serious scale, you can use sandpaper to deal with it. The method is as follows: wrap water sandpaper on disposable chopsticks to make a disposable toilet brush, and scrub the serious scale that cannot be removed. Note: 1. For slight scale, you can pour leftover coke into the toilet and flush it for an hour to remove it.
3. Pour the white vinegar and baking soda evenly into the toilet, wait for 10 minutes and then use the toilet to brush to remove the scale.
4. The toilet is prone to odor. Therefore, it is necessary to mobilize the whole family and clean it immediately if it is dirty, otherwise the dirt inside the toilet can easily become sticky objects, and cleaning is also very laborious.
5. If there are little boys in the house, urine will inevitably be stained on the toilet floor. When cleaning, use toilet paper dipped in white vinegar to wipe.
It can be seen that the toilet can be cleaned with bleach, etc., or you can use sandpaper. Use the leftover sandpaper in your home to rub the dirt on the toilet, and it can also remove a lot of dirt. Of course, it is recommended that people choose appropriately according to the actual situation.

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