How to replace the toilet cover?


What if the toilet cover at home is broken? The followi […]

What if the toilet cover at home is broken? The following Shuangcheng plastic products manufacturer will introduce you to the installation of the toilet lid
Method one of changing the toilet lid:
When replacing the toilet cover, just remove the fixing bolts at the back of the toilet, and just operate in the opposite direction when installing a new one. Most toilet covers have no size, and only need to adjust the bolts. But it is better to measure the large size, the distance between the screw holes, the width and length of the toilet cover, and then buy a new one.
Method two for changing the toilet lid:
In addition to the above two methods, the editor recommends to find a relevant person to change. Some workers who change the toilet cover provide free replacement, but they have to use the products they provide. In fact, the product is slightly more expensive. The price of the product has already included their labor costs.

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