What material is good about the toilet lid?


Regarding the toilet lid, there are many kinds on the m […]

Regarding the toilet lid, there are many kinds on the market, so what material is good? The urea-formaldehyde cover plate is made of raw materials that are ground into powder and then formed by high temperature and high pressure. It has a porcelain surface, good scratch resistance, stable color, firmness, and brittleness. The PP cover is made of ordinary plastic by heat melting. The surface is shiny, soft and easy to change color over time.
The plastic toilet seat is one of the more common ones. Its cost is low, the price is affordable, and the style is better. This kind of material is not easy to deform, and the material is light and thin, and it is also very convenient to use. However, the quality of this material is not very good. If you use too much force, it is easy to cause cracks in the plate and affect subsequent use.
Ceramic toilet seats are also common, especially high-end toilets. They are equipped with original and ceramic toilet seats, which are the same material as the toilet itself. Although the toilet seat of this material looks good and luxurious, its price is relatively high. A simple toilet seat costs several hundred yuan.
Metal plates can also be used as toilet lids, which are brighter in color and have good gloss. This kind of board is heavier and more laborious to use, but it is very strong, and the color is good, it has a very good decorative effect, and it is also a relatively common toilet lid material.
In fact, we can't say for sure which material is good. For different usage requirements, different materials have their own advantages.
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