Which material is better for the toilet cover?


There are many kinds of toilet cover materials, so the […]

There are many kinds of toilet cover materials, so the quality will be uneven. I wonder if you will choose a better material toilet cover in front of the screen? In this issue, I will give you a detailed introduction:
1. Acrylic cover plate: This kind of material cover plate is often seen on the market, also called acrylic cover plate. This is a kind of polymer material developed earlier, which has good transparency. , Chemically stable processing and dyeing are relatively easy, beautiful in appearance, wide in use, long service life, and easy to clean.
2. Aldehyde cover: This material is usually soluble in water and easy to cure. The cured urea-formaldehyde is not toxic, colorless, and has good light resistance. It is one of the green cover plates. Color can be added for dyeing, corrosion resistance, oil stain resistance, mainly the price is relatively affordable, but the water resistance and electrical resistance will be relatively poor, but it will not affect the function of the cover.
3. PVC plastic: This kind of material is a more common cover material on the market, and its main component is polyvinyl chloride, which is corrosion resistant, bright in color, strong and durable, and its toughness and heat resistance are not ideal .
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