What are the approximate dimensions of the toilet seat?


The toilet seat is an essential part of the toilet. It […]

The toilet seat is an essential part of the toilet. It is inevitable that there will be some malfunctions after the toilet is used for a long time. These malfunctions also include the toilet seat damage. At this time, the toilet seat needs to be replaced. In order to buy a suitable toilet seat, we know that you need to measure the size of the toilet seat before buying, so that you can successfully buy a suitable toilet seat.
1. What is the size of the toilet seat?

The toilet seat on the market has a relatively single product specification. The size and length are basically above 50cm. Many sizes are about 52-53cm. The length of the short bidet is basically about 47-49cm, and the inner diameter of the corresponding seat is about About 27cm. The general toilet seat size is basically between these two ranges. Measure the length from the toilet tank surface to the front of the toilet (the length of the cover plate) along the center line of the toilet. The width is between 34-39cm. In fact, the width is more free to choose because of the width of the cover. However, the size is large. It is recommended that whether you choose a toilet or a toilet seat, it is best to choose the largest size product. For example, the length of the toilet seat is preferably 53cm, which is convenient to use.

2. Common toilet seat size standards:

Common toilet seat size 1: The outer ring length is 450mm, the width is 360mm, the inner ring length is 315mm, and the width is 225mm. The toilet seat plate of this size has high strength, not easy to break, and good toughness.
Common toilet seat size 2: The width is 365mm, and the length can be adjusted arbitrarily. The toilet seat plate of this size has a stable structure and adopts nano antibacterial technology, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and protect the health of users. Common toilet seat size 3: The outer ring of the product is 470mm long, 365mm wide, 200mm wide for the inner ring, and the hole spacing is 140mm. The curved design has a smooth surface and is safe to use. Common toilet seat size 4: The length of the inner seat is 275mm, the width is 205mm, the outer length of the product is 400-430mm, the width is 340mm, and the hole distance is about 150mm. Common toilet seat size 5: The length is 520mm, the width is 480mm, and the hole distance is 173mm. The toilet seat plate of this size is an intelligent toilet seat plate that can automatically adjust the seat temperature, sterilize and deodorize. Keep clean at all times.


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