How to replace the toilet seat?


Before changing the seat, we need to determine the size […]

Before changing the seat, we need to determine the size and model of the toilet, so as not to buy it too inappropriate. So how do I change the seat ring after buying it? We first need to find the screw that fixes the seat ring, and then use a wrench to unscrew the screw. After removing these decorative hardware parts, we can remove the old toilet seat. Then clean the lower seat ring area, and then install the new seat ring. Use the same method to tighten the screws with a wrench. Remember to reverse the direction of the screw down. When replacing the toilet seat, you only need to remove the fixing bolts at the back of the toilet, and then operate in the opposite direction when installing. Most toilet seats are not divided into sizes, just adjust two bolts during installation. But also need to measure the size, screw hole distance, the width and length of the toilet seat, and then buy a new toilet seat to replace. Different styles of toilet seats are installed differently. Under normal circumstances, the bottom of the toilet seat is connected to the position of the toilet and the back is screwed up. As long as you reach down and find the screws on both sides, you can unscrew the whole The lid is removed, it's very simple, you can try it. During the installation process, consumers also need to pay attention to some issues. First, remove the body fixing plate of the smart toilet seat, then fix the fixing plate on the toilet with screws, and then align the smart toilet seat with the card slot and press and fix it.

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