What is the toilet seat for?


1. Health protection: When the toilet is flushing, beca […]

1. Health protection: When the toilet is flushing, because of the pressure of the water, many bacteria can fly up. Because of human habits, you usually have to lower your head and push the button to flush, which means that the bacteria will rush to you with enthusiasm. , The toilet seat can play a certain role in isolation and protection.
2. In fact, the main function of the toilet seat is designed for men. When men urinate, in order to prevent them from accidentally leaving urine on the rim of the toilet, men should turn the toilet seat up when urinating.
3. Women’s private parts are more sensitive and easy to get infected. This design prevents you from touching the toilet while sitting on it, which is relatively hygienic
4. Reduce peculiar smell: when flushing, cover the lid to effectively reduce peculiar smell.
5. Regarding the place of use, it is helpful to express humanized service and improve the overall image of the place of service.

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