What are the coups for the toilet lid to fall down?


1. Check whether the fixing hole on the toilet seat cov […]

1. Check whether the fixing hole on the toilet seat cover has become larger due to frequent force and movement. If the hole position is enlarged and the cover is not firmly fixed, only replace the toilet cover. It is available in general water and electricity grocery stores. Please first Measure the size of your toilet lid.
2. If the screw fixing the toilet cover is loose, you can tighten the upper and lower hedge screws. 3. If it is the angle of the toilet lid, you can loosen the two plastic screw caps at the bottom of the toilet lid fixed on the toilet, and then push the toilet lid to the fullest extent, and then tighten the nuts.
Does the toilet lid need to be replaced regularly?
The toilet lid needs to be replaced regularly. But generally speaking, most people do not have the habit of replacing the toilet lid, unless the toilet lid is broken. But in fact this idea is wrong.
The toilet lid is a place to hide dirt. There are dysentery bacilli on 32% of toilets, one of which can survive on the toilet seat for up to 17 days; experiments have shown that if 100 million polioviruses are put into the toilet, the virus splashed on the seat There are as many as 3000. Especially when the toilet lid is old, the surface becomes yellow, with some scratches, it is more likely to be dirty than when it is brand new, and it is not easy to remove it completely. At this time, bacteria are easy to remain.

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