What should I do if the toilet lid is moldy?


1. Before cleaning the toilet, ventilate the inside of […]

1. Before cleaning the toilet, ventilate the inside of the toilet. You can open the windows of the room and remove everything on the toilet tank.
2. Put on household rubber gloves. Remind everyone that if necessary, try to wear goggles or regular eyes to prevent liquid from splashing into your eyes.
3. Flush the toilet with clean water first, and then open the toilet lid. It should be noted that whenever you flush the toilet, you must cover the toilet.
4. Pour the toilet cleaner on the inner wall of the toilet in a surrounding manner, cover the toilet lid and soak for a few minutes, and then start to clean the outside of the toilet.
5. We need to wipe the corresponding disinfectant on the outside of the toilet. The water tank, the edge of the toilet, the flush button, and the toilet gasket are not to be missed.
6. Tip: Never mix cleaning agents, because different types of cleaning agents will produce toxic gases when mixed.
7. Wipe the area on the toilet that has been wiped with the disinfectant with a paper towel. Tip: For some sanitary dead corners on the toilet that are not easy to clean, you can clean them with an old toothbrush.
8. Now open the toilet lid and use the toilet brush to scrub the inner wall of the toilet, especially the outlet holes inside the toilet. Remember to focus on cleaning.
9. Press the water outlet button, flush the toilet again with clean water, and use the water that fills the toilet to flush the toilet, and the toilet can become very clean.

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