How to deal with a crack in the toilet lid?


1. How to deal with the cracks in the toilet lid Cracks […]

1. How to deal with the cracks in the toilet lid
Cracks in the toilet cover generally do not need to be repaired and replaced directly.
1. Find the screw cap, remove it with a live mover, and replace it with a new one. Generally, the location of the screw cap is difficult to find, some are in the bright place, and some are in the dark. With the screw cap in the dark, on the side of the toilet close to the water tank, open the cover. Reach in with your hand and touch it upward and toward the water tank. You should be able to touch it, but you can't see it.
2. When replacing the toilet cover, you only need to remove the fixing bolts at the back of the toilet to replace it; operate in the opposite direction during installation. Most toilet lids are regardless of size, just adjust two bolts during installation. But also need to measure the size, screw hole distance, the width and length of the toilet lid, and then buy a new toilet lid to replace.
Second, how to choose and buy the toilet cover
1. Choose according to size
Before purchasing a toilet lid, be sure to determine the size of your own toilet, because the size of the toilet varies, so different sizes of toilets should use the corresponding size toilet lid.
2. Choose according to the material
The material of the toilet lid directly affects its reliability. Some toilet lids made of inferior plastic are very easy to exercise during use.
Therefore, when choosing a toilet lid, we should choose a toilet lid made of high-quality materials, so as to ensure our comfort when going to the toilet.
3. Choose according to appearance
The appearance design of the toilet cover should conform to human mechanics, should have a certain curvature, and the inner and outer edges of the toilet cover should not be at the same height.
It can be seen that the purchase of a toilet cover can be dealt with according to factors such as size, material, appearance, etc. In addition, if the toilet cover has a very shallow crack, it can be ignored. If the crack is too large, it is recommended to replace the toilet cover directly.

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