What is the difference between pp, urea-formaldehyde and acrylic toilet seats?


The toilet is often used in our current bathroom config […]

The toilet is often used in our current bathroom configuration. In the process of using the toilet, the toilet cover is very important. It must not only have a beautiful appearance, but also be durable and not easily damaged. You must know that the cover is used every day The probability of flipping is still great.

The quality of the toilet lid is still to be judged from the material. There are many kinds of toilet cover materials that we commonly use now, the more common ones are PVC (pp), acrylic, and urea-formaldehyde materials. Among them, the urea-formaldehyde cover is known as an environmentally friendly toilet cover that is non-toxic and formaldehyde-free and has been pushed up for a while. The wind is on the cusp, but the appearance of the three plastic covers are similar, what's the difference?

The urea-formaldehyde cover is made of raw materials that are ground into powder and then formed by high temperature and high pressure. The toilet cover of this material is relatively strong in terms of wear resistance and scratch resistance, and it is also easy to clean during use. Generally, toilet covers of this material are used On high-quality toilets, the appearance is smoother and porcelain-like, the color is stable, firm, and has a long service life.

PP cover plate is ordinary plastic formed by hot melt. The surface is shiny, soft and easy to change color over time.

Acrylic cover is a very common toilet cover on the market. The material is specially treated glass. This kind of glass has a relatively high hardness and a relatively high cost. The toilet cover of this kind of material has a relatively high aesthetics, and has a long life of moisture and acid resistance, a long service life, and a bright color. It is easy to maintain and clean. It can be cleaned with soap or soft cloth.

In addition to the three more common materials mentioned above, there are some special toilet covers such as wood and bamboo. When choosing which material cover, you should decide according to the actual situation and personal preference.

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