How to install the toilet cover?


The toilet cover is an easily damaged accessory on the […]

The toilet cover is an easily damaged accessory on the toilet. In order to facilitate people to replace it, the toilet cover and the toilet are usually separated and can be installed and replaced separately. So how to install the toilet lid.

1. How to install the toilet cover
 1. Prepare tools and a new toilet lid.
 2. Place the fixing plate in the proper position of the toilet installation hole.
 3. Insert the cover fitting screw into the corresponding installation hole of the toilet.
 4. Fix the thread, adjust it to a proper position, and tighten the screw.
 5. Place the toilet lid cover parallel to the toilet, press and hold the unlock button, and slide it into the fixed plate.
 6. Connect the toilet cover, hose and triangle valve.

2. The installation of the toilet cover is divided into upper and lower installations. We must distinguish clearly when installing.
Bottom of the toilet lid:
1. Measure the hole distance first.
2. Then measure the horizontal and vertical dimensions.
3. Install the screw rod and the card slot together.
4. Install the installed screw rod on the toilet lid.
5. Align the screws with the holes and install them on the toilet.
6. Install the screw pad and screw cap on the screw rod.
7. Tighten firmly to prevent loosening. The same is true on the other side.
To install the toilet lid:
1. Install the card slot and screws.
2. Talk about the expansion screw installation slot hole distance, and the screw cap is stuck behind the slot.
3. Install the fixing frame on the toilet.
4. Tighten the screws on both sides with a screwdriver.
5. Then quickly install the toilet cover on the fixing frame.
6. It can be quickly disassembled and assembled, and it is more convenient to adjust the position.
Although the installation method of the toilet lid is very simple, you should not be too careless when installing the toilet lid in the future, and the correct installation can ensure normal use.

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