What is the function of the toilet lid? 


First, the toilet cover can protect people's health. Wh […]

First, the toilet cover can protect people's health. When the toilet is flushing, because of the water pressure, many bacteria can fly up. Because of human habits, you generally have to lower your head and push the button to flush, which means that tens of thousands of bacteria will rush to you with enthusiasm.
Second, the toilet lid can make pets safer. In urban life, many people like to raise all kinds of cute animals. With a toilet lid, pets can prevent their pets from drinking water in the toilet and even drowning.
Third, the toilet lid can reduce peculiar smell: when flushing, cover the lid, which can effectively reduce peculiar smell.
Fourth, the toilet lid can reduce the flushing sound: in case of hospitality or other inconveniences, closing the toilet lid can effectively reduce the flushing sound
Fifth, the toilet seat can help to express humanized service and improve the overall image of the service place in terms of the place of use.
Sixth, the toilet cover can be used for one person and one toilet, and the toilet-style enjoyment makes users feel at ease.
Seventh, the toilet lid can eliminate the phenomenon of squatting on the toilet and prolong the service life of the toilet.
Eighth, the toilet seat can effectively avoid the entanglements caused by skin diseases, venereal diseases, or falls and injuries caused by squatting on the lid.
Ninth, the toilet lid can reduce toilet paper and clean water, save energy and money.

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