How can I choose the right toilet cover? What is the difference between ordinary cover and slow-down cover?


To choose a toilet lid, first measure the distance of t […]

To choose a toilet lid, first measure the distance of the mounting hole, then measure the distance of the lid screw, and then measure the length and width of the lid. Record the data and then go to the market to buy a toilet lid of the right size.
In addition, there is a simple, simple and safe way to match a toilet lid of a very suitable size, which is to bring a broken toilet lid to the market and buy one of the same size, and buy it. The new toilet lid size will also be very suitable.
Generally, ordinary toilet lids do not need to be measured in size, as long as you buy a lid with the same maton specifications. If you need to replace a special toilet lid, you need to measure the size.
The difference between ordinary toilet cover and slow-down cover
When most people buy a toilet, they usually pay attention to the toilet's sewage discharge performance and water-saving function, but fewer people will consider the quality of the toilet cover. There are still many toilet covers on the market that are non-slowly lowering. If you do not pay attention to them, they will easily fall back and make a lot of noise, or even hurt your fingers. The toilet cover with damping design can avoid this problem, and the slow-down function is not only silent but also easier to

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