What kind of toilet cover is installed without fear of formaldehyde?


Urea-formaldehyde is a polymer obtained by reacting ure […]

Urea-formaldehyde is a polymer obtained by reacting urea with resin substances. Also known as urea formaldehyde resin. The English abbreviation UF. Urea-formaldehyde resin is the main adhesive in the wood industry at home and abroad. It is widely used due to its high bonding strength, fast curing, good operability, low production cost, abundant raw materials and other advantages. Has the following characteristics:
(1) Urea-formaldehyde resin has low cost, light color, high hardness, scratch resistance, mildew resistance, good insulation and temperature resistance, resistance to weak acids, weak alkalis, grease and other media, but poor weather resistance and water resistance. Easy to absorb water. It is one of the thermosetting resins developed earlier.
(2) Urea-formaldehyde is widely used in products that do not require high water resistance and dielectric properties, such as patch panels, switches, machine handles, instrument shells, knobs, daily necessities, decorations, toilet lids, and can also be used in the manufacture of some tableware .
Urea-formaldehyde resin is used as the material of the toilet cover, so that the toilet has good heat resistance, not easy to burn, acid resistance, high alkali resistance, flame retardant performance, scratch resistance, no yellowing, easy to clean, easy to install, bright color, and similar Features such as beautiful jade.
But if there is aldehyde, there will be formaldehyde precipitation, and the ventilation in the toilet is poor, what should I do? Don't be afraid! my country has developed a new type of environmentally friendly urea-formaldehyde resin produced by formaldehyde, which is green and odorless. With the new environmentally friendly formaldehyde, the urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive can reach E1 or E0 without adding additives. The urea-formaldehyde resin produced by the new environmentally friendly formaldehyde is an upgraded product of the ordinary urea-formaldehyde resin.chinatoiletseats.com

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