What should I do if the buffer device on the toilet cover fails?


The toilet cover is a cover installed on the toilet. It […]

The toilet cover is a cover installed on the toilet. Its function is to block the odor in the toilet and it is also a barrier to protect the toilet. The cover plate is made of plastic, urea-formaldehyde, resin, etc. Of course, there are also many other materials, such as acrylic, wood, etc. Our commonly used toilet covers usually have a buffer device. This is to prevent the toilet or the cover from being damaged by excessive force when the cover is lowered. It is also to avoid loud noises or accidental addition to people, causing injuries. But with the use of time for a long time, the buffer device on the cover will inevitably have problems and no longer have a buffer effect. At this time, it would be great if you can fix it by yourself. Now, let's see how to repair it!
1. The position of the fastening part is at the lower part of the back of the toilet. It can be touched by hand. Loosen it first after touching it. (Due to the position, it is not easy to screw!) So take your time, (both sides) After unscrewing, you can adjust its front, rear, left, and right positions. (Push and pull the toilet lid to adjust its front, back, left, and right positions.) Then try to open the lid, check whether it is right, and then fix it.
2. If it is not for the above reasons, it is that at the back of the flipable part of the cover, there is a screwable "Mother Luo" on one of the two lateral sides. (Look carefully) some are more concealed, and some are hidden by the lid Some are just plastic plugs. As long as they are screwed up or withdrawn, the toilet lid can be removed, dirt and burrs, etc. can be removed, and the toilet lid can be flexibly turned when restored. (This possibility is relatively high.)
3. Because the position to be cultivated is special, it is a little difficult to cultivate. Therefore, if you really don't want to move, you can ask someone with experience to cultivate.

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